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An eminent company dealing in Staircase Railings, Blusters, Balcony Railings, and many other allied products....

An Introduction

For security reasons, we install many things in our homes — provide strong doors, strong windows and grills, etc. Similarly, it is just as important that we provide good handrails or banisters for our staircases and balconies. The building regulations for staircases in public buildings stipulate banisters or handrails for protection in the flight of steps, when they are unbounded by a wall.

However, similar regulations do not administer in case of private houses, but nevertheless Staircase Railings, Blusters, Balcony Railings, etc. are recommended and particularly for the convenience of the elderly and children. The role of Handrails and Blusters extends beyond security protection, they are meant to wield an aesthetic influence and bring in an overall elegance to a given architecture.